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Styling My Sarah Flint Pumps

If you stepped into your closet and looked around, would anything stand out? Maybe you love a certain shade, maybe denim's your thing or maybe it’s handbags that you enjoy collecting. For me there are two things that would catch one’s eye: 1.) dresses, oh so many dresses, and 2.) nude shoes.

I don’t know what it is, but there is no confidence booster like that of a nude pump. They add a little height to help you stand up tall and the shade can create an illusion of longer legs. So, when the most perfect blue box arrived from Sarah Flint, containing the most perfect pumps, I could not be more excited!


Becoming a Brand Ambassador

As a blogger, my decision to work with brands is something I think about with careful consideration. My number one goal is always to ensure the brand aligns with my beliefs and that I am sharing a quality product with all of you. Upon meeting with the Sarah Flint team, I knew that just like the shoes, this partnership would be a perfect fit!

Sarah Flint is not only a women-led company, with each design created by Sarah Flint herself, it is a brand that believes in design that inspires, quality and style that endures and comfort that keeps you moving.

Through their #WalkLikeAWomen hashtag, Sarah Flint has created a community for women to share their style and personal stories. I am truly so appreciative for this opportunity to work with Sarah Flint team and connect with all the amazing women I have met so far.

To celebrate this partnership, use code SARAHFLINT-BASAMANTHAS to receive $50 off your first pair. Click here to start shopping!


Quality Craftmanship

I’ve purchased plenty of pumps over the years, but when I slipped on my Sarah Flints for the first time, I truly knew they were like no other.

What makes this brand so special is that they provide artisanal craftsmanship and expert manufacturing with direct-to-you prices, meaning that there are no wholesale mark ups like traditional luxury brands.

Handmade in Italy, the Perfect Pump is just that, perfect! This gorgeous shoe comes in 10 versatile colors and 3 heights. I selected the Perfect Pump 85 in Sand Calf.

The Italian calf upper ensures durability and the leather sole stops slipping. The best part, Sarah Flint doesn’t believe in the phrase ‘beauty is pain’. These pumps were crafted for comfort. The wider toe box eliminates toe crowding, the anatomical arch helps support, the steel rod stiletto stabilizes your strut, and the 6mm of padding cushions with each step you take.

Having worn these to dinners, events, or even running around town – these Perfect Pumps live up to their name.



If I added up the amount of dollars I have spent on nude heels over the past 10 years, it would far surpass the price of this pair. When selecting and investing in a quality shoe, such as a pair of Sarah Flint’s, I recommend asking yourself a few key questions to start:

  1. Frequency: How often do I wear this style of shoe? Once a year, a month, a week? If you can estimate how much you will reach for this pair, you can determine how much each wear will cost you.

  2. Color: Are you picking a color or pattern because it is trendy or because it will go with everything? Personally, I prefer to choose neutrals for first time investment pieces and luxury goods. That has allowed me the most versatility and wear from a single piece. From there I will branch out to patterns once I have established my collection of wardrobe staples.

  3. Height: Will I be able to comfortably walk in these shoes? If you don’t typically wear sky-high stilettos, you should probably select a lower height. I chose the Perfect Pump 85 because it was similar in height to other heels I own.



What I love the most about these pumps is that they can truly be worn so many different ways! Whether attending a nice dinner, a friend’s bridal shower, heading back into the office, or running out to grab a cup of coffee, my Sarah Flints get me where I need to go in style, and most importantly comfort.

Below I share a few of the many ways you can style your pumps for all walks of life!



These pumps are perfect for formal events. With wedding season back in full swing, these neutral pumps would be an excellent choice for any bridesmaid or guest to stand in all day and dance the night away!

Click here to shop Rose Chiffon Cape Dress



The Perfect Pump 85 in Sand Calf is the perfect shoe for heading back into the office this year. Pair these pumps with a spring dress or slim fit dress pants for a chic look! I can personally attest that these are comfortable enough for that quick coffee run too!

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Whether you spend Saturday out and about or head to Sunday brunch with friends - these pumps are the perfect fit! I personally love pairing heels with denim to elevate a casual look.

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More Sarah Flint Styles I Love

If pumps aren't your first choice, Sarah Flint has plenty of beautiful styles to fit any wardrobe. Below are some of my favorites for spring and summer!

Click here to start shopping!


This post is in partnership with Sarah Flint. Thank you for gifting me the Perfect Pumps 85 in Sand Calf.

Get $50 off your first pair by using code:



Special thank you to Shelah Riley for capturing these beautiful campaign shots. | @xoxo_by_shelahriley | @shelah_riley_photography

xo, Samantha

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