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Bronzed & Beautiful at Central PA's Newest Airbrush Tanning Salon

Want to know what instantly makes me feel like a new woman: a fresh spray tan. If you've never tried one, have been too afraid, or are unsure if it's for you, keep reading.

Many of us have probably seen those TV or movie scenes where someone goes to get a spray tan and comes out looking like they fell into a bag of Cheetos. While I have had some tanning mishaps with self-tanners at home, getting sprayed by a trained professional has never failed me. In fact, it has given me some of the most natural looking tans without ever stepping foot in the sun.

You may or may not know that I used to tan...a lot - and no, I'm not proud to admit that I put my skin through that kind of sun damage. However, a few years back I made the health conscious decision to end my tanning habit for good and now solely rely on self-tanning products or airbrush sessions to achieve a healthy glow. That said, when an invite popped up for a blogger event at the Bronzed Bunny, Central PA's newest airbrush tanning & sugar salon, I knew I needed to check it out!


This California-founded company has been spreading across the U.S., opening it's newest location right here in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania. I’ve been living in this area for nearly four years and honestly struggled to find any airbrush tanning salons, which resulted in me using self-tanners at home. Through my endless search I've found that some salons do offer spray tanning, but as a service on the side. Unfortunately this tends to result in getting sprayed in a back room or somewhere that wasn't fully intended for the service. However, the Bronzed Bunny is not your average salon.

Upon entering, I was instantly blown away with how gorgeous the space is! The front desk area, complete with chic black &white decor and gold accents, mimics the feel of a stylish boutique. Within minutes of arrival I was offered the most delicious Bellini - a perk all bunnies who visit can enjoy. AND if you need some more champagne, no worries! Just ring the button (see below).

During the event I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Bronzed Bunny's owner, Trish Layden - a boss babe who is passionate about providing a premium salon experience to all clients. Not only did she provide me with excellent knowledge on all the services one can receive at the Bronzed Bunny, she instantly made me feel comfortable discussing such a personal experience.

Following our discussion, she took me on a personal tour of the rest of the salon which includes several pristine airbrush tanning rooms, scrub rooms, and sugaring rooms. Throughout the entire salon you will find fun artwork and cheeky sayings that embody the brand, all while making the ultra-intimate experience of getting tanned or sugared a little less awkward.

The Process:

After mingling with the girls and taking a few final sips of my Bellini, I headed in for my airbrush tanning session. *If you are unsure of how to prep for your tan or how to care for your color post-session, I highly recommend clicking here to read Bronzed Bunny's full airbrush tanning guide that will provide you with every detail you need to know.

Upon entering the airbrush room, my technician reviewed how the hand-sprayed session would unfold start to finish. Together we decided which premium organic, paraben-free shade would achieve my desired tan, settling any fears of turning orange. I was then instructed to remove as much clothing as I was comfortable with.


Let me just be real for a moment:

Stripping down in front of a stranger to be airbrushed takes a LOT of courage (thankful for that Bellini), but it's only going to help you create the most seamless tan possible. Yes, you can absolutely visit a spray tanning booth and avoid having to be seen by anyone, but I personally enjoy the final result of a spray tan applied by a trained professional - and Bronzed Bunny's team of professionals are just that. These incredible women know how it can feel to stand there in the buff and they are there to ensure your session is quick, effective, and as awkward-free as possible - all of which are the most important qualities of an airbrush tanning experience. You should always feel comfortable.


My session took all of 3 minutes with the technician (minus the time spent alone in the room drying). I think I can merit that the quickest spray tanning experience of my life!

Following my session, which I highly recommend doing in the evening, I traveled home in a loose, dark colored dress, then changed into sweatpants and sweatshirt before heading to bed. Your tan needs at least 6-8 hours to develop free from make-up, showers, or sweating - and make sure to not scratch, it will leave a mark! (please learn from my experience on this one)

By the time I woke up the next morning, I could already see the gorgeous glow my skin had. After a quick shower to rinse off the excess solution, I was left with a beautiful bronze head to toe. Below you can see my before and after!


Additional Services:

Up until this point I have only discussed airbrush spray tanning however, the Bronzed Bunny also offers body scrubs, lash lifts & tints, cool sculpting, and sugaring: an organic, natural form of waxing. For more information on these services, visit


Will I Return?

YES! My airbrush tan from the Bronzed Bunny was a 10 out of 10 - still lasting today, 5 days later! I enjoyed every single aspect of the experience. From the salon itself, to the session, to the final results, everything was premium.

I will absolutely be returning for future airbrush tans and hopefully a sugaring session. I highly encourage anyone in the Harrisburg-area looking to achieve gorgeous glowing skin to check out the Bronzed Bunny PA!

For more information on services, pricing, and memberships, please visit

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