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Rose Colored Living (Room)

Today I'm sharing a place very close to home: my living room!

When Andrew and I were apartment searching a few years back we knew that we needed to create a living space that was super relaxing, very cozy, and incredibly inviting for company. We love going out, but we also love spending time at home. Over the past 2.5 years this space has become one of our favorite rooms in this apartment. Many nights binge watching Netflix, celebrating holidays, hosting fun parties, and even a bachelorette weekend have taken place here!

I'll be honest, we tend to take the long road with a lot in our relationship. I think it's because we want to feel really sure about the decisions we make, and home decor was no different for us. All that said, it took us a LONG time to fully furnish this room - nearly 3 years in our apartment to be exact..

When it came to selecting pieces for our living room we encountered two challenges that were incredible learning experiences for our relationship: 1. learning to combine both our style preferences, 2. working with the layout and features of the apartment.


Combining Our Style Preferences

If you live with your significant other you may have heard of a little word called compromising. When I lived solo in my one-bedroom apartment, anything went! I had a stylish little blush pink sofa filled with a dozen decorative pillows, two fluffy throw blankets, and absolutely no room for anyone to actually sit down. It's safe to say that couch was more to "look at" than relax on.

However, I knew when Andrew and I decided to share a home my selections would need to change a bit to include him. We bounced so many ideas back and forth in regards to color, but ultimately decided to stick with neutrals throughout our entire apartment. In the beginning, I feared it would look too drab having so much white, grey, and beige, but now it serves as the perfect neutral canvas to add pops of color season-to-season.


Complementing the Layout

Andrew and I dream of owning a home in the future, but for now we are very happy to rent our current space. However, renting tends to put some limitations on how much we could customize. Our apartment has an open floor-plan meaning that our kitchen, dining room, and living room all connect. This spacious layout, along with sun-filled windows created a LOT of room to fill. Our first thought was to add a huge sectional couch - so that's what we did!

We searched high and low to find the perfect L-shaped sectional and were beginning to give in to frustration when we drove past Interior Furniture Resources, located in Harrisburg, PA. Unlike the big-name furniture stores we browsed first, Interior Furniture Resources is a family-owned furniture store that provides top-notch customer service and customization at incredible prices.

Due to the layout of the room, we needed the L-shape in a left-sided configuration. We also desired deep, over-sized cushions that when sitting all the way back, your feet would not touch the floor. Turns out, this combination was very difficult to find. However within minutes of browsing IFR's showroom, we stumbled upon the EXACT couch we were envisioning!

Once deciding on the fully customizable configuration, we worked with IFR's incredible team to select fabric for not only the couch itself, but also all the throw pillows which were included! Our selections resulted in our beautiful heather grey sectional, complete with "cuddler" end-piece and embroidered cream throw pillows.


It's All in the Details

While our accent pieces are constantly changing to accommodate the holiday or season, we decided to add a cream storage ottoman topped with round wicker tray. We found two hand drawn flower portraits at HomeGoods to add to the wall above the couch and a classic brass tripod floor lamp to add some light and warmth to the room.

Lacey's dog crate not only provides a secure place for her to hangout, it's furniture-like design also serves as a stylish end table. Fun fact: this crate used to be Rosie's, BUT she is so little that she actually fits through those spindles! #sassypuppy


Binge Watch Worthy

Our newest addition to the living room is this gray 3-tier entertainment table that Andrew and I found at HomeGoods. As soon as we saw it we fell in love! The color perfectly fit our palette, the levels give our TV the height it needs, and the open design allows for easy cord organization and cleaning.

What's best about this piece is that it can be styled for any season. For now, we added some faux plants (since I kill everything green I buy) and various other spring trinkets. My favorite items are these small wooden bins that conceal all our cords and Andrew's video games in a stylish way.


I hope you enjoyed getting to take a peak into my home! This decorating project was

something Andrew and I spent a lot of time creating and I am so happy to be able to share it here!




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