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My Beautiful Bridal Shower

I've been a 'bride to be' for longer than I ever expected. Back when I got engaged in 2018, I would have never imagined the journey I would be taken on over the past 3 years. For the longest time the concept of 'getting married' was just a made up dream in my head. The wedding has been something I have spent so much time thinking about, yet it has never quite felt like it was happening...but a few weekends ago at my bridal shower it began to feel real.

For the first time, other than maybe choosing my wedding gown, I finally felt like the bride - and it was the most surreal feeling. I kept having to look down and remind myself that I was the one wearing white. All this time I have just been the guest, but now it was my time to be showered with the love I so patiently waited for.


My bridal shower was truly one of the most special celebrations of my life so far. My bridesmaids and future mother-in-law did so much to make it a beautiful experience for me and I truly cannot thank them enough. The amount of thought and time they put into this event, especially after all this time, meant the world to me.

And when I say my bridesmaids know me best, they truly do. This blog post is thanks to them. When deciding what to give me as a gift they knew exactly what I would treasure most: pictures. My girls completely surprised me with one of my favorite Lancaster photographers, Shelah Riley Photography, who made the 3 hour drive to my hometown.

My reaction:

I sincerely want to thank my bridesmaids and Shelah for these beautiful photos we are about to dive into. They will forever remind me of the love and support I felt on this perfect day.


The Theme

I knew for years that I wanted a pretty pineapple theme, but other than that I let my bridesmaids take the reins and fully surprise me! From the gold pineapples to the fresh flowers to all the little details in between, I was truly blown away with how beautiful they decorated the space.


Eats & Sweets

My shower began at 11:00am making it the perfect time for a brunch menu! My bridesmaids and future mother-in-law made all the food themselves and it was absolutely delicious. The menu included a gorgeous grazing board of meats, cheeses and fruits, Danishes, French toast bake, bacon, quiche, croissant sandwiches, gazpacho, and a mimosa bar.

My biggest request: a cookie display! If you are from Northeast Pennsylvania, you know how important this tradition is. I'm not sure where or how it began, but every bridal shower I've ever attended in my hometown includes a gorgeous homemade cookie display for guests to take home and I knew I wanted to include. I absolutely love how all these sweet treats were displayed!


The Bridesmaids

I am truly so grateful for all these girls in these photos and the ones who weren't able to attend in person. If you didn't know I actually have 7 bridesmaids: 5 in Pennsylvania, 1 in Canada and 1 in Scotland. Unfortunately my two international girls faced too many covid restrictions and were unable to make the trip, but their presence was still felt. One hand-drew my bridal shower invitations and signage and the other sent so many sweet baskets and décor to add a special touch.

Throughout the past 3 years, despite distance, a pandemic and a postponement, these girls have been by my side and I am truly so lucky to have them in my life...and seriously how gorgeous are they!?


My favorite people

While the theme, the food, and the pretty details were all important to me, the one thing that mattered most was the people. To put it lightly, my family situation is unique and I always feared how I would emotionally handle a wedding without women family members present in my life to share it with. I have spent the past 13+ years navigating my youth into adulthood with these ladies by my side, especially when I needed a woman to talk to the most. They might not all be my blood relatives, but they have truly become family in my heart. I would not be the person I am today without their support and it's safe to say that my thank you speech to them at my shower brought the whole group to tears.

I accidently sat in the prize winning seat that had this lovely picture of Andrew stuck under the chair.


(finally) The Bride

No words needed. Just some twirly photos in this beautiful white dress.


The Groom


Saved the best for last...

Of course I needed my little bestie to join some of the fun! She was quite the hit.

...and I know you're wondering about Lacey girl. Unfortunately she gets very, very sick in the car. Since we had a 2 hour drive to my hometown, we sadly knew we could not take her for this busy day. But we promised her a photoshoot of her own very soon!


Very special thank you to Shelah Riley for capturing these beautiful photos. | @xoxo_by_shelahriley | @shelah_riley_photography

xo, Samantha

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