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Introducing Our Newest Family Member

SURPRISE!!! My fiancé, Andrew, and I have added another pretty pup to our pack! Meet Lacey, a 2-year-old beagle/sheltie mix that we rescued from our local animal shelter.

This has been SUCH a difficult secret to keep and I am sure you are all wondering how this sweet girl came to be part of our family, so let me share the fun little story.

Andrew and I have been puppy parents to our little Rosie girl for over two years - of which she has been our complete pride and joy. But if you know Rosie personally, you may know that she is full of energy and LOTS of sass! We have always wondered if she would flourish with a puppy brother or sister. Someone to play with, cuddle with, and maybe even help calm some of her separation anxiety (she too is a rescue, suffering from previous trauma and stress). While we thought about adding another pet, it was just that, a thought. However, sometimes life throws us curve balls and even though we didn’t plan on a second dog until after our wedding, Lacey was a very special surprise.

Andrew works in the counseling world as a family-based therapist. Last Monday, while out with a client, they happened to visit the Humane Society of Harrisburg, unbeknownst to me. While there Andrew saw a nice little dog sitting there with big puppy eyes and a sweet little smile and wondered how such a kind creature could have ended up there. After leaving he called to tell me about the dog and I honestly thought he was playing a prank. I was wrong.

A mere 3 hours after discovering she was available for adoption, we were both at the shelter awaiting the meet & greet with our potential new puppy. The second she came into the room our faces lit up. She was calm, sweet, playful, and happy - but I knew we couldn’t decide just yet. Initially, all I could think was how crazy this day had been. This was a huge decision, and one that impacts both our lives and Rosie’s immensely. So, we took the next day to sit with it and weigh every pro and con. Finally, we decided the only way to move forward was to introduce Lacey to Rosie.

The day of the dog introduction came and we were so anxious. Rosie, being the puppy princess that she is, knows if she likes or does not like someone very quickly. That said, we hoped, prayed, and crossed our fingers that this would go well. We couldn’t bear the thought of not being able to adopt Lacey after our wonderful interaction with her days prior.

The moment Rosie and Lacey saw each other, all our hearts melted. (see photos below) Their interaction was so sweet and gentle as they played and gave kisses. I thought my heart was going to explode with love! Andrew and I knew in that moment that this was our new little family.

Today we got to bring Lacey home and we are so excited for this adventure filled with new opportunities to walk, run, hike, and play together! Andrew and I are so happy we were able to give this abandoned dog a beautiful forever home and shower her with all the love in the world.

And of course, this announcement wouldn’t be complete without sharing Lacey’s new profile. In addition to following @lifeoflittlerosie, you can now follow @lifeoflittlelacey on Instagram too!

We love you so much Lacey and we can't wait for all that's to come! For more information on how to adopt your own bundle of fur visit, .

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