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Getting Holiday Glam with Maven Beauty

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Tis the season for getting glam! The holidays are here, and while they might look a little different this year, that doesn't mean you can't still get gorgeous for some celebrations at home.

One of the best parts of blogging is the real life relationships it creates. When I first started Rose Colored Living I was introduced to Court and Alye from Maven Beauty at a local blogger event (and boy do I miss a world where we could still attend those). We had the best time getting to know each other and creating a beautiful custom lip gloss that I shared in this post. In the months and years that followed we have kept in touch and created together, so I was SO excited when we started to brainstorm a holiday collaboration!

If you're new to this amazing small business, Maven Beauty is a Custom Blend Lip Bar located in Lititz, Pennsylvania that offers a line of lip glosses, lipsticks, and cosmetics that are free from chemical dyes, parabens or petroleum. In addition to their ready-to-purchase shades, they also offer a custom blend service that is mixed to your specific texture, pigment, and aroma preferences.

In this post I am so excited to share the 3 custom products that Maven Beauty and I collaborated on to create the most beautiful holiday look.


Custom Mineral Eyeshadow: Ros Spritz

Up until this visit I had only ever created lip products with Maven Beauty, so I was very excited to mix up a custom eyeshadow!

All of Maven Beauty's eyeshadows are made from pure minerals that are talc free and lead free, along with providing a natural SPF to the delicate skin on your eyes - talk about double-duty beauty!

I knew I wanted to create a neutral rose toned shade, so we starting with a medium nude base and slowly began adding in small amounts of champagne and garnet. From there the minerals are grinded together to provide a smooth hue of color. Lastly we decided to add some gold and pearl shimmer to give it an extra special shimmer.


Custom Matte Lipstick: Cranberry Fizz

What girl wouldn't love the chance to create her very own lipstick?! Clients have the option to choose from Maven Beauty's color formula chart or they can bring in an old lipstick tube they loved or photos to create from.

What I loved most about creating this product is the amount of customization you can choose from. Shiny, matte, moisturizing, scented - the possibilities are endless! Knowing I wanted a bright color we decided to go with a moisturizing matte formula, a texture I personally prefer with bright shades to ensure it's lasting power.

From there Court and Alye used their incredible blending knowledge to begin mixing the perfect shade and they didn't stop until got it just right. As you can see below, we went through 4 tests until achieving the best hue for my complexion and vision - and they will do that for you too! These girls appreciate and enjoy client feedback to make sure you leave excited to wear your new product.


Custom Lip Gloss: Champagne Party

Last, but certainly not least, we created what might be my favorite lip gloss of ALL time. I knew I wanted to create a gorgeous yet versatile gloss. Something that could be worn everyday, either on its own or topped over a lipstick.

Pulling from some inspiration photos we decided on an ultra glossy nude with every.single.shimmer Maven Beauty had. We combined champagne gold, rose gold, yellow gold, opalescence, and a touch of magenta shimmer that created a shade reminiscent of my favorite bubbly holiday beverage.

This glitzy gloss is most certainly a 'Champagne Party' for the lips - and the best part: we flavored it to taste like pink champagne!!


The Final Look


How to Shop & Create

If you are interested in any of the products shown above click here to shop my holiday products!

If you are interested in scheduling your own in-person/zoom appointment, ordering ready-to-buy products, or purchasing gift cards, please visit or you can contact them via DM on Instagram @mavenbeautypa and let them know Samantha from Rose Colored Living sent you!

Wishing you all a beautiful holiday season!


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