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Creating My Own Lip Gloss with Maven Beauty PA

Since I was a little girl, I have always loved makeup - especially lipstick. I’m not sure if it was all the pretty colors or the way it brightened up my face, I just knew I wanted to wear some.

Recently I had the opportunity to attend a local blogger event at Hello Gorgeous Boutique, where I was introduced to the lovely ladies from Maven Beauty PA. Maven Beauty PA is a Custom Blend Lip Bar located in Lititz, Pennsylvania that offers a line of lip glosses free from chemical dyes, parabens or petroleum. In addition to their ready-to-purchase shades, they also offer a custom blend service that is mixed to your specific texture, pigment, and aroma preferences. While attending the event, I opted to create my very own custom blend lip gloss, which was a make-up dream come true!

The process of creating my own shade started by sitting down to discuss my lip product goals in terms of shade, shimmer, opacity, texture, and scent. As a lover of red and mauve shades, I knew I wanted to create a warm berry color with hints of rose gold & champagne shimmer that would be perfect for fall.

After defining the product details, Maven Beauty PA gets right to work. They start by adding small drops of pigment onto a measuring chart, all while documenting the recipe for future refills of your custom shade. Then the mixing begins!

The pigment is mixed together, with additional small drops of color added along the way, until your ideal shade has been reached. At this point if you opted for shimmer, it is sprinkled in to create a beautiful touch of shine and dimension.

Once approved, the mixture is then combined with a lip gloss base, poured and packaged into a handy tube, complete with wand for easy application. The last step is to name your creation, which I decided to name after my teacup Yorkie, Rosie.

Finally, it’s time to swatch on your gloss and smile at how beautiful you look in the brand-new shade! Not one girl there who opted to create her own shade was disappointed with how amazing she looked. I am so pleased with how my final product turned out and have been wearing it everyday ever since.

In addition to lip gloss, Maven Beauty PA just announced they will begin offering custom lipstick – another service I am eager to try. I encourage every beauty lover to check out Maven Beauty PA. Not only are Court and Alye incredible to work with, they pour love, passion, and hard work into all the products they create.

For more information on their services, follow them on Instagram: @mavenbeautypa, Facebook: Maven Beauty PA, and YouTube: Maven Beauty PA.

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