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4 Resolutions I'm Adding Into My Existing Routine

Today is January 13th and by this date most people have already given up on their New Year resolution. Why? - because change is hard, especially when we don’t see an immediate result.

To be honest, I have a love-hate relationship with resolutions. On one hand the new year is the great time for a fresh start. However, on the other hand I don’t think cutting every sugar, fat and carb out of your life on January 1st will set you up for success - maybe just a hangry outburst! In my opinion, a resolution should aim to add value and positivity to your current life instead of leaving you frustrated and defeated.

A great example was my 2018 resolution. I vowed to moisturize my skin I wasn't telling myself to stop something abruptly, but rather added something small and very achievable to my existing routine. I found that when I started adding in the moisture that I was seriously lacking, positive changes resulted within days. Eventually it turned into a habit and I have been hooked ever since. THAT is what a resolution should look like.

This year is no different for me. My resolutions have no intention to deprive myself or cut things out that bring me joy. For 2020 I decided to add some positive changes into my existing lifestyle. To learn what they are, keep reading!



If you’ve been following along on my Instagram, you may know I have challenged myself to drink 101 oz. of water for 101 days!

This challenge came about when I returned from New Orleans and felt incredibly puffed up and bloated. I drank my first 101 ounce jug and the results were incredible! Within one day my rings were looser, my weight returned to "normal" (pre-trip), my stomach felt better, my face was no longer puffy and all around I felt better. I continued for a second day and once again I was feeling like a new woman. This quick change inspired my Hydration Challenge and I honestly cannot wait to evaluate how I feel at the end of these 101 days!



I don’t think I ate one naturally green thing over the holidays and my body felt it. My only goal here is to eat at least one naturally green item a day.

It could be as simple as mixing chopped spinach into my morning eggs, adding a handful of greens into a smoothie, having fun salad for lunch, putting lettuce on a sandwich, or snacking on some fresh veggies. Regardless the meal, there’s always an opportunity to add something green!



This resolution was inspired by The Skinny Confidential's creator, Lauryn Evarts Bosstick. Almost daily she puts out an Instagram poll asking if you’ll move/sweat today and it really got me thinking about my day.

While I am a fitness instructor and spend a majority of my days at the gym, I do have days of wanting to do NOTHING (aka laying in bed and watching Netflix).

This resolution is not to workout everyday, because we all need down time, but rather to move everyday. Maybe it's morning stretches, walking the dogs longer, taking the stairs, or parking farther away from the door - either way I want to make sure I’m getting up and moving around a little more than I would otherwise.



I'm not sure if I was born with a sweet tooth or developed one after working in a candy store for 8 years, all I know is I have a strong one!

I love sweets so much. While I will never give them up fully, I am trying to cut back. This year my goal is to snack smarter and sweets definitely play into that resolution.

Instead of always turning to ice cream or chocolate I’m trying fun yogurt combinations, frozen fruit and my current obsession: Smart Sweets Candy - which at 3g of sugar per bag, all of my fellow candy lovers MUST try!


If you've reached this point in the post, I hope you feel inspired and not daunted. Resolutions are simply just goals. It's okay to have big ones, but it's even better to have small, easy-to-achieve ones. Remember, every little penny still adds up to a dollar!

Resolutions or not, I wish you all an incredible start to 2020!



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